NSP Coco Mat technology is the world’s first and only Patent Pending paddle board construction built using all natural coconut husk fibers.

By integrating the random discontinuous Coconut fibers to the lamination and through our exclusive construction method, we deliver one of the most amazing surfboards you will ever ride. The most impressive characteristic of the coconut husk fiber is its incredible strength to weight ratio. After hundreds of surfing hours and further verified in laboratory tests, we have proven that Coco Mat is the lightest and strongest surfboard on the market today.

The natural fibers of the coconut are readily available, need minimal processing and come from local self sustaining crops near our manufacturing facility. The Coco Mat boards have a responsive, fluid ride with great flex characteristics and look organically beautiful with the visible, randomly oriented natural fibers.

NSP is proud to bring you our new Coco Mat boards which are the lightest, strongest and most natural looking surfboards and SUP’s on the market today.

One of the most popular selling SUP boards in the world. NSP's E+ Cruise boards are designed with generous volumes, wide nose and rounded square tails, offering great balance for riders of all sizes and skill levels. By utilizing a handpicked selection of NSP board designs, the E+ range is the ultimate combination of performance, durability and price. A first choice for rental operations and discerning customers wanting a long lasting product. E+ is the next generation of NSP's famous E2 classix technology. The E+ evolution combines a highly durable ballistic-skin deck and bottom, combined with military grade fibers and foaming epoxy resin, creating an extremely tough micro sandwich. E+ boards deliver unrivalled strength and durability and are the first choice of rental centers worldwide. FEATURES Eco-friendly shape molded SecureCell EPS core NSP E+ Vaccum molded construction Ballistc Skin Foaming epoxy micro rails Speed finish bottom Enhanced performance and visual appeal 4mm full EVA deck pads Fins included with each board Ledge Handles Rounded square tail wide nose Very stable board New Graphic Cargo plugs included on all models Long life, highly durable construction

NSP Oxygen Fisherman Inflatable SUP 11'6 X 39

Highly durable, UV resistant construction Lightweight drop-stitch technology 6” inch double seamed rails EVA traction deckpad Nose and tail bungee cargo straps Neoprene paddle holder on tail Stylish single groove deckpad D-ring at nose and tail 3x Scotty mounts to attach wide variety of Scotty accessories US single fin box with 8.5” fin Selectable dual mode Bravo pump Convenient carry all backpack Neoprene carry handle