$600 OFF! This 2018 Starboard Allstar is in full carbon sandwich construction.  It is brand new, and has never been in the water.






Used Riviera Art Series 10'6x32" Camo Was $1400 new, Now $650


Ideal for touring & surfing, the Riviera Select Art Series has the perfect balance of stability, light weight construction and unmatched durability making it the ideal board for first time paddlers. Built with Riviera Select Construction the Select Art Series is made with a combination of Carbon Fiber, Fiberglass, Bamboo, and a layer of Riviera’s proprietary material SYNTEK. These materials are then bonded together with epoxy resin in a heated/pressurized mold.



Used Bote HD 12' Classic $1199.00


The Bote HD is a lifestyle board.  It's a recreational board, it's a touring board, it's a fishing board, it's a family board.  It is the perfect one board to do it all.  The HD features a Hybrid Displacement hull design, combining a V nose entry with a flat deck, making it incredibly stable, yet surprisingly fast and efficient. The high weight capacity of the Bote HD makes it great for loading up with gear for an extended exploration paddle or just cruising along with your dog. The stability of the Bote HD makes it a perfect choice for fishing, yoga, or the entire family.  Take advantage of the cooler tie-downs and optional tackle rac or bucket rac, and it becomes a fishing machine. The Bote HD is the most versatile board in the Bote lineup.

New Surftech Universal TEKEFX 10'6 x 32" 206 Liters.  Was $1349 new, Now $799


The TEKEFX construction features real bamboo with translucent colors, and reduced weight compared to other constructions.  At 10'6 x 32", this board is a great all around board.  It surfs really well, and is fun and playful in all conditions (rivers and lakes). Very light weight at around 25 Lbs!




New Surftech 11'6 Saber Touring board Was $1199.00, On sale for $650


The Surftech Saber 11'6 x 29" in Coretech construction is fast, stable and durable, with incredible glide.  It is a great choice for beginner all the way to advanced paddlers.  Has bungee tie-downs to secure gear for long touring trips.






New NSP E2 11'6 X 33" Was $1199, On sale for $899


The NSP E2 11'6 x 33" features a full length deck pad, which is great for yoga or a dog. It has a double concave hull design giving it excellent stability and glide on flat water.  Also great for catching your first surf wave. Has bungee tie-downs for securing gear.


  This board is in excellent, near new condition.  No dings, repairs, etc.  It has always been stored inside a climate controlled environment.  Never left in the sun, always transported with a cover or bag. It is the Carbon Sandwich construction, which is the highest level of construction from any board manufacturer! Great in all conditions, and very stable for a 24.5" board!  This is the most sought after race board in the world.




NEW 11'6 Riviera Select On Sale for $999, Normally $1350

The Riviera Select 11'6" is a perfect board for first time as well as seasoned paddlers. Very stable cruiser that comes with traction, and a built in handle for carrying. Real Bamboo top and bottom.  Ideal for touring & surfs well, the perfect all around board. It has a slightly pulled in nose and pinched rails for better maneuverability. Other colors also available.

Weighs only 26 Lbs!