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The Best in Stand Up Paddle Boards

Starboard is a paddle board pioneer, producing the best quality stand up paddle boards and paddles.

We have established ourselves as the premium brand by producing innovative and quality products since 1993, starting with our Windsurfing boards that have won 9 out of 10 Professional Windsurfing Association Manufacturer’s titles over the last 10 years.

The research and development to source the lightest, strongest material combinations resulted in Starboard being the very first brand to seriously produce boards in full Wood Sandwich back in 1993.

Starboard also introduced Carbon Sandwich technologies to Paddle boarding setting a new benchmark.

Our boards are produced only one hour from our headquarters, which allows us to regularly conduct quality control checks, ensuring you get the best product under your feet.

Our industry experience, combined with our passion for this burgeoning sport and again, the highest levels of quality control in production, ensure that we produce the finest quality SUP boards.

Whether you are first-timer or a seasoned-pro SUP racer, you will find that we manufacture and sell a board that suits your requirements.

Our innovative inflatable SUP boards are also built with the best materials and we believe that they are the stiffest and strongest in the market.


14'0 and 12'6 All Star- "The world's  most winning race board"






The 2019 Starboard Allstar is the best choice for a one board quiver. It is the one board that performs well in all conditions, from flat water paddling to rough water, to downwind. From progressive level riders to elite racers. The All Star is the world’s most successful, user-friendly and versatile race design. The updated bottom shape is more stable when switching between strokes, allowing you to maintain a smooth and balanced glide without disrupting the speed. Starboard’s 2019 race range is faster and again more stable, breaking new boundaries in our sport.

  • Available in the following sizes:  

    12'6x23, 12'6x23.5, 12'6x24.5, 12'6x26, 12'6x28

    14x22.5, 14x23.5, 14x24.5, 14x26, 14x28





The 2019 Starboard Sprint is the World’s fastest flat water board! It is the best choice for flat water racing, and small chop. The all-new 2019 Sprints offer instant acceleration, direct turning and controlled stability. The Sprint is hands down the fastest race board we ever produced. Refinements in the standing area increase the overall comfort and control, while the improvements in bottom shape upgrade the overall stability and speed. Only Available in the lightest, fastest and strongest Carbon Sandwich Technology.


THICK SLICING NOSE CONE-reduces pitching and cuts through the water for top end displacement speed.

12’6”x23” & 12’6”X21.5” models feature a much squarer sharper nose profile for greater lift and release in choppy water.

ANGLED NOSE DESIGN- sharp centre nose ridge and angled rails limits water wrapping the nose for a more stable ride, while reducing drag and water weight entering the tray.

Optmised Nose Volume– Provides greater float to reach speed quickly on flat water.– The fuller nose limits pitching in choppy water, giving more pop and release, allowing the rider to keep a steady cadence.

Chamfered Rail Edge-provides secondary stability to restrict the board from rolling.

Flat Side Plane Form-Creates smoother glide and adds stability. Feel more controlled and less twitchy when switching between strokes.The planning surface is reduced by nearly 20%, increasing the glide and overall speed.

Boxy Rails-with more vertical apex optimizes the full outline width of the board for greater stability and reduces rolling.

Straight and Raised Rails– Reduces the board from rolling. Blocks water from entering the tray. Lower standing position increases stability due to the lower center of gravity. New extended flat standing area provides more space to change stance when sprinting and trimming.

Thicker Profile– Limits the board from yawing from nose to tail and instead balances the glide. Blocks water entering the tray on powerful downward strokes, propelling the hull forwards as it lifts on the upward stroke. Thicker profile makes it more versatile to handle choppy water and more challenging conditions.


12’6x21.5, 12'6x23, 14x21.5, 14x23, 14x25, 18'1x23

Carbon Sandwich

The highest level of construction in the industry.



All new design for 2017!

Glide, Fun and Stability on an all around cruising design.

Shown in pinetek construction

Shown in pinetek construction

Combines stability and comfort of an all around cruising board with speed from a race board.  Extremely versatile and user friendly, a thrill on a downwind run, a friendly race, or cruising with minimum effort. 

Performance: Stable and easy to ride shape with efficient cruising speed.  Catches wave bumps well and makes for a super fun all around board.

Rider: Entry level paddler who needs a stable platform to learn, up to progressive paddlers wanting a fast all around cruiser to catch a few wave bumps with ease.

Shape: Deep center channel for controlled and smooth glide, flat side planes and wide tail makes it possible to walk back for quick turning. 

Available in the following sizes:

12'2 x 32", 12'2 x 30", 11'2 x 29"






TOURING - Inspired by the All Star bottom shape, and made wider for more stabiltiy.

shown in pinetek construction

shown in pinetek construction

"Touring combines speed and comfort with great tracking for endless exploring."

  • Performance: Fast and lean outline with solid balance and added volume to pack gear and supplies.

  • Rider: Suited to all skill levels that want the fastest glide to paddle distances quickly with comfortable stability and the option to carry gear along the journey.

  • Condition: Hull design and outline excels on flat-water yet volume placement enhances the performance for both upwind and light downwind chop.

  • Shape: Deep center channel hull offers efficient and fast release, flat side planes deliver impressive stability and control; flat rocker and low nose kick provide maximum speed and tracking.

  • Available in the following sizes: 14'x30", 12'6x31", 12'6x29", 11'6x29, 10'0x29"